Dear Mr. Prime Minister Victor Ponta,
I learned with great disappointment that as the Romanian forests were thinned, pressure has become huge, right on forests in National Parks.
Retezat and Domogled National Park shelter the last Intact Forest Landscape in Europe. National Park Semenic houses the largest European common beech body of virgin forest in the world.
At the moment ROMSILVA manages all state forests, including those of national and natural parks. Romsilva earns 10 times more money from selling wood from parks than investing in them. National and natural parks occupy a small area of ​​Romania but they are crucial for the future of biodiversity and a treasure to be preserved for future generations.
ROMSILVA does not see the need for biodiversity conservation in protected areas but only profit from cutting!
The proof is in the fact that last year they wanted to get rid of Rodna parks, Jiu Valley, Putna Vrancea and Cefa because they cannot make enough profit from forests since the state lost large areas there.
I do not ask too much when I say it is time to forbid by Government Decision the deforestation of National and Nature Parks and immediately operationalize ANAP (National Agency for Protected Areas) to be led by experts in the field of biodiversity conservation, not Romsilva.
Romsilva administered 23 national parks in the last 10 years during which only seven of them have an approved management plan. 10 years of Romsilva helming the parks is the perfect example of failure. They legally cut the extremely valuable forests, even virgin forests. Internal zoning of parks is totally chaotic: no buffer zones surrounding the parks to protect them from threats and often strict protection zones are exactly the outskirts of the parks.
Last but not least, I learned with great sadness that the forests of inestimable value in Râu Șes area in Retezat are being cut since the spring of 2014 and nobody does/is doing anything. Wood from Retezat arrived at a plant in Sebes, where it became a common material for fireplaces; briquettes and pellets that are sold in supermarkets, gas stations and DIY stores in Western Europe. We have also found that secular beech forests of the National Park Semenic are exported to Arab countries, and the wood of Domogled in China. Sebes Company undertook not to accept trees fetched from national parks. And other companies will follow the same commitment in the near future.
It is time that you who have the power to decide forbidding the cutting of natural forests and national parks and operationalize NAPA.
Thank you!

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