Petition for SAVING virgin forest COSAVA MICĂ

Having been confirmed by researchers to be a virgin forest in 2005 * Coşava Mică in Semenic Mountains is now in danger of exploitation, becoming a trivial operation for firewood. It measures 739 hectares and it is located in the South-East Semenic- Caraș Gorge National Park, bordering it.

Romsilva, which manages this state forest, refuses to include it in the National Park Semenic and make it UNESCO World Heritage Site. Decision-maker is the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests where AGENT GREEN has submitted technical documentation for Coşava Mică forest protection.
So far, the ministry acts as a puppet of Romsilva and ignores the steps to protect Coşava Mică.

Madam/Ms Minister,

Coşava Mică virgin forest consists of parcels of UP I Helişag 121-141, OS Nera, DS Resita, having an area of ​​approx. 739 ha. It is located in the South-East Semenic-Caras National Park, being adjacent. It is incomprehensible why this forest of great ecological importance, was not included from the outset in Semenic National Park, but it is known that currently ROMSILVA stands against its protection and that it wants to commercially exploit the forest.
CoşavaMică is a primary forest consisting of pure beech, located in a dynamic advanced equilibrium, with high stability and multifunctional efficiency, a complex structure with many centuries-old trees; being at longevity physiological borderline and having exceptional dimensions with dead trees are in various stages of decomposition, which is an archetype of the Carpathian beech forests.
In the last decade some special silvicultural works were carried out in small areas and small extracted volumes in marginal areas of the site. Coşava Mică is still in an excellent state of equilibrium.
It was identified as primary forest in 2002-2003, and during the process “A joint nomination of secular virgin beech forests as UNESCO World Heritage sites: beech forests – our common European natural heritage” has been selected by international experts as a candidate for nomination area together with Izvoarele Nerei Nature Reserve provided that a strict nature protection will be set. Today, Coșava Mică forest is zoned as a production forest and therefore, imminently threat.
Ensuring adequate protection for CoşavaMică forest can be done either by including constituent parcels in 1-5J functional categories and/or 1-5O (TI), in accordance with OM 3397/10.09.2012 regarding the establishment of criteria and indicators necessary in identifying virgin forests and almost virgin forests in Romania (this classification can be made when reviewing management plans O.S. Nera, process that is currently before running) or by the creation of the protected area of national interest (in accordance with the legislation in force – Order MESD no. 1710/2007).

I ask you to protect Coşava Mică by joining it to the National Park Semenic – Caras Gorge strict protection zone. We also suggest you to additionally designate Coşava Mică as Natura 2000 site as well.
For a better protection of Cosava Mică and Izvoarele Nerei, we consider that Coșava Mare, which separates them, should also receive full protection status.
Given the above, I request you to take the necessary steps to ensure a strict protection regime for forest Coşava Mică and to support its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
With great concern,

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